Try These 5 Mediterranean Restaurants in Seminyak

November 28, 2019

Although the distance between Bali and Greece is about a quarter of the Earth’s circumference, Bali shares almost the same weather and pleasant atmosphere with its Mediterranean counterpart. A good amount of sun, great seafood and amazing beaches. All that’s missing is the yoghurt tahini and tzatziki sauce, and Bali might just become a member of the Mediterranean region (if only in spirit)! Luckily there are a few Mediterranean restaurants that not only complement the tropical vibe, but also offer more variety to both local and international tongues.

Warung Souvlaki

The name of this restaurant is clever; it’s too small to be called a restaurant, but calling it a cafe wouldn’t be accurate either. Warung translates well into the Greek word taverna from its hometown. Don’t let its size fool you however, its offers of authentic south European and Mediterranian cuisine has crowds of people flocking and waiting in line to be seated. Like its Greek cousins, tables and chairs would spill onto the pavement to serve more hungry guests.

Warung Souvlaki

Mykonos Greek Restaurant Bali

Mykonos Greek Restaurant brings the original town across the Indian Ocean to meet Bali’s local and international food lovers. It seems to have done so quite literally, as the styling of the restaurant is very rustic Greek, with its shades of blue and white and metallic and wooden artwork. They offer the usual Mediterranean menu, from garlic pizza bread, to calamari and gyros, and wine is served in carafes. If you take Warung Souvlaki to a large indoor space with more tables, you get Mykonos Greek Restaurant.

Mykonos Rest Bali


Pantarei’s concept is a seamless blend of Indonesian and Western cuisine. You get the classic Indonesian fried rice stylized a certain way to look Mediterranean, and you can see that the restaurant serves a number of European and Mediterranean dishes with a particular character. The architecture of the restaurant is very Balinese, with an interior that is decorated with Pop art-esque painting. If you’re looking for something new and unique, this restaurant might be interesting to you.

Pantarei Restaurant Bali

Toro Bar

Toro Bar is a Spanish tapas bar, which technically does not classify as a restaurant. However, they serve fine cuisine that you might find at an authentic Spanish restaurant. They serve the classics – montaditos, pinchos, platillos, Spanish omelette, gazpacho and more. The dimmed lighting may at times be too dark for some people – but that just gives a more calming, mature feel to it. This restaurant may not be suitable for kids.

toro restorant & bar

Mrs Sippy

This beach club, with a Mediterranean ambiance, wastes no room for average cuisine. It adopts the world’s most popular Italian, Greek, and Spanish recipes to provide guests with the best tropical vacation experience possible. Many restaurants provide only chairs and tables, and you are expected to be fully dressed. At Mrs Sippy, you get to nibble a Smashed Avo with multigrain sourdough and feta cheese, while lounging on your daybed with a view of Bali’s largest saltwater pool. And you can do all this in just your bathing suit! What else is on the menu? Detox beetroot, carrot, guava, strawberry and turmeric juice blends. Sirloin, octopus and snapper grills. Neapolitan pizza and nachos! As an added bonus, you can also enjoy Japanese poke bowls – yes, they are surprisingly well suited for the tropics!

If you want to have a blast with friends and family, while at the same time experiencing delicious Mediterranean food and dancing to live concerts, then go to Mrs Sippy’s website to book a place for an entire day’s worth of fun, and we’ll see you there.

Mrs Sippy