Sneaky Sound System Sets The Stage

July 31, 2019

Hey yall, as we enter the high season our big event of this season is our series of Sneaky Saturdays! For 13 ongoing Saturdays, beginning 6th of July, Sneaky Sound System will be playing at Mrs. Sippy as our guests enjoy a world-class brunch prepared by our Head Chef Jonay Armas.

So what makes this spectacle so special? We sat down with Jonay and with our Music Director Ryan Crowe to get the lowdown.

“The music is going to be awesome,” Ryan began. “We are trying to do something a bit different. Slow it down and play some funk. Sneaky Sound System comes on pretty early and we want to encourage that daytime chill vibe that is open and welcoming to everyone.”


When it comes to setting the vibe, we are in good hands. The Sneaky Sound System duo Connie Mitchell and Black Angus are known dance music titans. Their stunning synergy has brought them roaring success across the globe and we are super stoked to see what they bring to the table!

If you haven’t heard of them, Sneaky Sound System is a legend in the music industry. Formed in 2001, they have snagged accolade after accolade for their genre pushing music and artistic vision. They have been nominated 14 times at the ARIA Music Awards, winning Best Dance Release and Breakthrough Artist in 2007, and have garnered 4 MTV Australia Awards nominations, winning the Independent Spirit Award in 2009.

Sneaky’s debut album has since gone triple platinum, and they have collaborated with an array of international stars including the legendary DJ Tiesto on the chart-topping single “I Will Be Here.”


Ryan’s vision is to create a great daytime vibe that slowly transitions to a more lively, and a bit sexier, evening. “We’ve got the vibe nailed down,” Ryan continues. “It’s a chill vibe until 4 and then it picks up a bit, people start loosening up and from 6 onwards as the sun goes down it turns into a loungy, classier restaurant vibe.”

As for the food, Jonay is very excited. We are going for that luxurious Ibiza vibe with poolside daybeds and front row views of the action! Jonay’s menu carries a strong mediterranean  influence, infused with lots of seafood dishes and fresh salads. Refresh yourself with one of our thoughtfully curated cocktails, such as our crowd pleaser - the Sippy Tiki, which is a concoction of spiced rum, sparkling wine, combined with notes of fresh raspberries, passionfruit and lime.

Having never been a seafood fan myself, I steer towards dishes like pork tacos and Wagyu beef burger, but the grilled prawns are a popular favorite among many of our repeat guests. Jonay has bet me a bottle of Nappa Cabernet Sauvignon that he can warm me up to seafood.

I will hold you to that Jonay, see you on Saturday!