Popular Menu at Mrs Sippy

July 25, 2019

We have a pretty varied menu at Mrs. Sippy, catering to a wide variety of tastes. The most popular meals by far are pizzas and burgers, which are excellent poolside companion meals. The menu and dining concept was born from the collaboration between Mrs. Sippy’s founders and the head chef Jonay Armas.

What does our head chef think of the food? To find out we asked Jonay Armas what the concept behind Mrs. Sippy’s menu is, and what his favorite meals are.

“Food here at Mrs. Sippy is completely different from what I have been doing previously. It’s been a great way to develop the concept and the food. I can’t assign one word to the style we have chosen, but we try to be on the cusp of comfort food with a Mediterranean influence and vibe. We are not stuck to that though as we also have dishes with an Asian touch. Beyond that we also do poke bowls. And try to play around with our food, always trying to keep a good flavor profile by using the right ingredients that are in season.”

popular menu mrs sippy - pizza

Mrs. Sippy’s dining concept was initially designed to incorporate an open kitchen. Armas focuses on using open-flame grills and charcoal to give their meals that delicious crispy flavor. Prior to opening in 2017 we brought in a pizzaiolo to help us not only develop a wide selection of pizzas, but also to help design our woodfire ovens and to train the staff.

While pizzas are by far the most popular menu option, Jonay leans more towards the grilled prawns and the ribs. “Personally I love eating the prawns, they are grilled over charcoal and come with their own refreshing dressing which is just delightful, but I think our guests lean more towards pizzas because they are easier to eat by the pool.”