Plan a Bridal Shower in Seminyak

August 31, 2019

Plan a Mrs Sippy Bridal Shower in Seminyak

The best way to celebrate a bride-to-be is at a bridal shower! Not only is it one of the first pre-wedding events where everyone gets to meet each other, but its also filled with exciting, fun decorations and more. In this article, we’ll show you how to plan a bridal shower in Seminyak, complete with guidelines

1. Decide on a budget

Make sure you choose a budget you can easily afford and that won’t break the bank account. Deciding on the right budget should be done before picking a menu and choosing your theme. Figuring out the logistics is the most important part of planning a bridal shower.

2. Set a date

Thinking of the right time to throw a bridal shower? The recommended time is to plan the event at least four to six months before the big day and it’s usually thrown about two months before the wedding. Its best to confirm a day that works for the bride-to-be as well as for her family members. The simplest way to do this is to meet up and organize your schedules together.

3. Create a guest list

After you’re happy with the date set for the bridal shower, the next phase is planning the guest list, which usually ranges between 30 to 50 guests. Make sure the bride has made a draft guest list of who she wants to invite, along with home addresses for every guest.

4. Pick a theme

When you have finished collecting the addresses and the bride-to-be has approved the list of invitations and budget, it’s time to choose the theme of the bridal shower. While for some this is not an important factor, a theme is a great way to put some personality into the party invitations and food options. There are a lot of bridal shower ideas to help you choose the right décor and invitations. Just make sure it suits the bride-to-be’s personality.
Here are some of the things you should plan before throwing a bridal shower in Seminyak. Mrs Sippy is an architectural masterpiece boasting rustic sandstone walls, cement floors and vintage pink tiles. We would love to throw your bridal shower in this unique poolside sanctuary for a relaxed tropical ambiance. With Mediterranean and charcoal cuisine presented by our chefs, and mouth-watering signature cocktails from our bartenders.