Must-Try Favourites from Mrs Sippy’s Poolside Menu

March 6, 2020

Besides the island's best pool and international class DJs performing weekly, Mrs Sippy’s menu is also considered a highlight of this Mediterranean inspired pool club. The amazing menu offers a wide variety of tastes and can be enjoyed by the poolside. The dining and menu concept was formed as part of a collaboration between Mrs Sippy’s founder and Jonay Armas, the head chef.

Mrs Sippy Pizza

Everyone loves to have a bite of our burgers and pizzas by the poolside. We were curious about what Mrs Sippy’s head chef himself thinks about the menu. The one and only Jonay Armas gave us insight in the Mrs Sippy’s menu and his opinions on the favourite dishes served at the popular pool club.

He stated that of all his experiences as a chef, cooking the menu at Mrs Sippy is something completely new and totally different from what he previously had been making. It’s like combining dozens of styles into one, while maintaining the edge on quality food mixed with a Mediterranean vibe. The menu also offers a wide range of tasty Asian dishes and poke bowls. The flavouring of the menu is consistently maintained by the right ingredients available in every season.

The open kitchen at Mrs Sippy is incorporated with open flame charcoal grills which summon the mouth-watering crispy flavours. Before opening in 2017, a pizzaiolo was brought into our kitchen so that cooking a wide selection of pizzas was possible, he also helped to train the staff and design the woodfire ovens.

Jonay’s personal favourite are the tiger prawns, which are grilled over charcoal and bathed in a delightful chimichurri dressing. However, the pizzas are still favourites among the guests as they are just easier to eat by the pool.

If you want some good food and cocktails by an amazing pool, then it can’t go wrong at Mrs Sippy. Bring your friends and enjoy a bite beside the pool while chilling on the fantastic beats from world class DJs this weekend!