Mrs Sippy: Culinary Gem in Seminyak

July 5, 2019

Seminyak is known for its vibrant partying culture and lively tropical scene. However, it’s also known for its boutique cafés and restaurants, which make for a unique culinary experience and engaging places to eat.

One of the best places for visitor to try is none other than Mrs Sippy - and here are reasons why you should swing by!

Eating at Mrs Sippy

eating in Mrs Sippy Seminyak

When it comes to culinary experiences in Seminyak, Mrs Sippy is one of the best places for the best meals and a relaxing getaway at the same time. Our open-air kitchen, combined with the traditional wood firing techniques implemented by our Chefs, makes for the perfect combination of tropical relaxation and culinary experience. Not forgetting, Mrs Sippy is home to the largest lagoon-style saltwater pool in all of Bali! Guests are welcome to jump in the water or lounge on the sunbeds surrounding the pool.

Menu at Mrs Sippy

The culinary options at Mrs Sippy range from hotcakes, French toast and burritos, to healthier options such as salads and frozen bowls. There’s also the grill station and pizza station – meaning that guests have the option of either getting their fix for juicy meats and seafood or fire baked pizza that’s cooked as soon as you order it.

Beverages at Mrs Sippy

mrs sippy beverage - place to eat seminyak

Chilling by the pool wouldn’t be complete without sipping your favorite drinks! Mrs Sippy has a whole host of signature drinks for guests to try. For those who want something refreshing, try our Watermelon Mule; a mix of watermelon juice, mint, spice syrup and vodka. There’s also the Black Forest Maitai, a blend of apple cinnamon, rum, coconut and dark chocolate flakes – a must try for anyone visiting Mrs Sippy!

To conclude, you really can’t go wrong visiting Mrs Sippy – in fact, with all the facilities and amenities we have, you’ll actually get the most out of your stay in Seminyak! Come and swing by Mrs Sippy!