Mrs. Sippy Bazaar

September 15, 2019


If you’ve ever been to a beach or pool club before you have probably realized at some point that you were missing something; sunscreen, sunglasses, or are poorly underdressed. Don’t worry, Mrs. Sippy has got you covered!

Mrs. Sippy’s Bazaar features a decent selection of clothing, jewelry, sunglasses, and sunscreen to make sure your time here is the best it can be. With a large selection of bathing suits from famous high-end luxury brands, you are sure to stand out and feel fabulous.

“All the brands we stock are not only extremely stylish and popular brands, but they are also environmentally conscious,” says Mischa Chen, events organizer at Mrs. Sippy. They stock the likes of Sir The Label, known for their easy to wear linens and feminine ruffled pieces, and Fella, a globally-recognized brand that not only makes amazing swimwear, but also minimizes its ecological footprint by producing pieces on demand and by using the best materials available.


The Bazaar is tucked behind the entrance, ensuring easy access to its patrons. The quality and variety of their products also blend in perfectly with Mrs. Sippy’s general vibe and aesthetic, making them the perfect companion to a long sunny pool-side day.


On my last visit, my sunnies had snapped when I dropped them, so I picked up a new pair of Oscar & Frank sunglasses, and my wife upgraded her bathing suit with a stunning piece from Fella, allowing us to enjoy our time there in style. We also nabbed some decent sunscreen so that we wouldn’t burn under the afternoon sun.

Mrs. Sippy is always curating their stock, ensuring that they have the perfect selection of clothing and apparel most befitting the pool club. Next time you pop on by check out the Bazaar. There is something for everyone there and with a wide price range suitable for all wallets.