Meet Our Music Director!

August 15, 2019

Hey yall, now that the high season is in full swing we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the man, the legend, behind the music at Mrs. Sippy! Ryan Crowe has worked with us over the past 3 years, and has served as our Music Director for a year now.

Ryan is a cool dude. His love for all things house and funk has shown through not only in his own sets but also in the vibe and atmosphere we have worked so hard to create here. Ryan has worked as a DJ for over 15 years, making him an old hand at the game. First starting back in Australia, he has worked with dozens of high-profile Australian and international acts including Sneaky Sound System.


“Three years ago I had decided to move to Bali because the lifestyle and music scene here is, in my opinion, better than back home. Don’t get me wrong! There are tons of good Australian DJs and artists but being a DJ in Bali is much more versatile.”

Ryan’s taste in music is very diverse, but his passion lies in Funk and House music. “I tend to play a lot of funky house music because it is a lot of fun. I also play a lot of disco and edits of older works, but in general always trying to bring out that funky vibe.”

Ryan first started working with us three years ago. “I was good mates with the previous Music Director, we used to DJ a lot together in Australia for over 10 years. He got me onboard as a resident artists, playing 4-5 times a week. When he left this time last year I took over his role.”

Being the Music Director has given him a host of new responsibilities such as events planning, networking, and booking artists, but Ryan still manages to play his own sets 4 times a week. “We have key team of two artists who do 4 shifts a week each, and they are probably our core DJs, plus we have a bunch of older legends who have been here for 10+ years and bounce around a lot of the clubs on the island.”

So next time you are at Mrs. Sippy and you like what you hear, you can chat with our staff and send Ryan a thank you, I am sure he will appreciate it!