Interesting Things to Do in Bali Day Clubs

October 4, 2019

Looking for a day club while you‘re in Bali? Don't worry, the southern part of the island has no shortage of places where you can sip a cocktail while resting on a comfy daybed and waiting for the magnificent sunset views. Mrs Sippy however, brings things to a whole new level and has everything you need for a pool club. Crowning the largest freeform saltwater pool in Bali, Mrs Sippy offers much more than just a pool club for a cool down.

diving day club bali

The diving board is one of the highlights of the pool. Standing 5 meters high, you can throw yourself off and dive in head or feet first to the cool pool below. Bring a friend and waterproof camera to capture your amazing stunts! When you‘re done, chill on one of the daybeds or sun loungers strategically placed in a shady spot under the waving palms, or simply relax on one of the floaties in the pool.

cocktails in day club bali

Need a break from the pool? Enjoy the tables reserved for our in-house guests with some of the best cocktails on the island. The recommended cocktails at Mrs Sippy include the signature Watermelon Mule, which consist of vodka and lime blended with watermelons and the Litchi Tiki, where Mrs Sippy proves the Lychee fruit can make a great cocktail! Also, the Morello Long Island is Mrs Sippy’s version of the famous Long Island Ice Tea.

What accompanies an awesome cocktail? Food of course! Find the incredible menu of fresh and locally sourced selections all produced from traditional wood firing techniques. The menu presents something for everyone, including pizza, burgers, salad and grilled dishes.

Enjoy party events that feature international DJs on the stage, spinning their tunes to spice up your weekend. Be sure to check Mrs Sippy’s social media for the latest party and events! To lighten up your weekdays, happy hours also take place from Monday to Friday at 5pm to 6pm with 2 for 1 beers.