Hangout Places in Seminyak Before Sunset

October 17, 2019

Seminyak quickly has become the trendsetter for other Bali destinations, as the town is loaded with vibrant cafes and charming places to shop. Though there are much more to Seminyak than you think. Other than the usual spots in Jalan Laksmana are some trendy cafes and pool clubs where you can hangout and have a sip of cocktail.
Here is our list of the best places to chill in Seminyak while waiting for the best sunset spot on the island.

Bong Pipi Bali

Bong Pipi Bali

Oldschool is the new trend! Remember the days when arcade machines and gamestations dominated the world before computers and smartphones did? This long missed era is back at Bong Pipi Bali! Its the perfect place for you who wants a bit of nostalgia, where you can spend your time at the classic gamestations. The only difference is that you can play modern Playstation games on it too. This cafe decorated with stylish neon lights presents a handful of delights in between your retro gaming time, including the delicious pork tacos and pancakes.

Nyaman Art Gallery

Nyaman art Gallery

Its a pioneer of an international contemporary art gallery in Bali, located in Seminyak’s center. Nyaman Gallery represents Bali-based emerging local artists, along with established international artists. The word “Nyaman“ which means cozy or comfortable reflects the feeling you get when entering the gallery, with a spacious and welcoming atmosphere to enjoy the unique collections.

Mrs Sippy

Mrs Sippy Bali

Head over to Bali’s largest saltwater swimming pool! Mrs Sippy presents an open-air club with a relaxed vibe where you can have a cocktail while resting on some dreamy daybeds or dipping in the crystal clear water for you to spend all afternoon. If you're seeking for a bit of adrenaline, there‘s a triple-tier dive tower for you to jump in!

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