5 Reasons Why Mrs Sippy Is Totally Worth It

October 31, 2019

Mrs Sippy Bali may look just like another beach club in Seminyak, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see it has so much more potential as a cool pool-party venue. It offers more than just beautiful pools and delicious food. Here are five solid reasons why Mrs Sippy is not your average beach club, even with its average pricing.

Saltwater Pool like Nowhere Else in Bali

Mrs Sippy hosts the largest saltwater pool in Bali. Its pristine aquamarine water gives the impression that the water has been imported from one of the Mediterranean Sea’s blue lagoons. It’s not just perfect for summer vacation photoshoots either. Let’s be frank – clean saltwater baths are good for your skin and health. The pool is also big enough that you won’t bump into other people very often. Let’s not forget the 5-meter-high jumping platforms, for a really spectacular freeze-frame shot.

Saltwater Pool in Bali

Artfully Crafted Food

Experienced chefs work hard at paying attention to our guests’ unique taste buds, and they’ve made sure they’ve communicated their passion with their culinary artwork. Try the classic favourite, wagyu beef burger, of which the high-quality, Japanese beef is unparalleled. Likewise, try the rib eye and sirloin steaks. You’d be surprised that something so traditional can be so mouthwatering. Up for a challenge? Order a roasted Baramundi. We’ll be honest – no words can describe its taste. 

Artfully Crafted Food Mrs Sippy

Beverage Options - Too Many to Count

From over 100 types of beverage, which one will you choose? Savour the delicate touches of Taltarni Estate Shiraz red wine or Two Islands Pinot Grigio. For something that fights the hot weather, try the local and international beers. Why not try a cocktail too? Ever heard of the Sippy Mimosa? Our master mixologists have created something special from sparkling wine, blood orange, and elderflower. Curious? Come and try it!

Beverage Option Mrs Sippy

Awesome Live Music Venue

Big pools, good food, and delicious cocktails alone aren’t going to cut it. Music is something that Mrs Sippy is good at picking. Every Saturday, Mrs Sippy hosts a pretty big party for a small island – the aptly named Sippy Saturdays. You’ll see a crowd of music lovers waiting in line to see big talented names, DJs, and talents from around the world. On 2 November, POOLCLVB is visiting! Catch the masterful mixes of chill and house with nostalgic sounds from the 90’s, signature to your favourite electronic artist. On 28 December, the 7-time gold record winner, Bag Raiders, are going to share with you their experimental successes. Book their shows here!

Awsome Live Music Mrs Sippy

Event Hosting

Apart from the must-have wedding packages, Mrs Sippy offers a range of other activities. Bringing your friends and families? Extended families and clan? Spoil their taste buds with Mrs Sippy’s special banquet courses. Start off with our famous wood-fired pizza and tuna tartare to get their mouths watering. Satisfy the tension and hunger with BBQ pork ribs and grilled octopus. Finally, finish with a glass of tropical refreshments. We also offer a variety of activities like team building for corporate events, which include volleyball, and for those with the creative spirit, cocktail making classes.

Mrs Sippy is a Mediterranean inspired oasis where you can escape the mundane daily life, and bring your inner self back on your feet.

Event Hosting Mrs Sippy