5 Favorite Hotels and Villas in Seminyak

October 11, 2019

Seminyak is the all hippiest district of Bali with all the funky shops, mouthwatering food options, gorgeous beaches and fabulous hotels and villas to choose from.

Seminyak will give you endless options every morning. Whether it will be a day on the beach or just a wander through the colorful town, its all up to you and its usually only a few steps away! Whether you're in a tight budget or looking for a luxury stay, Seminyak boasts some of the most affordable to the high-end accommodation options for you!

Check out this list of Seminyak accommodation options for your next holiday planning!

Equilibria Seminyak


In finding the balance of life while you‘re on vacation, this accommodation is the perfect wellness retreat for your every need! Equilibria Seminyak is where you’ll find some comfortable and sustainable bed linens, some of Seminyak’s best spa treatments and healthy meals. Its where all your senses come together to find the perfect peaceful state escape! Equilibria is more than just a comfortable stay. They are aware of your health and wellbeing and will provide unique experiences that are wrapped with a romantic and pampering atmosphere along with wellness and sustainability.

Dipan resort

dipan resort seminyak

The whole experience is fulfilled down to the tiniest details here at the Dipan, with charming villas and welcoming staff and accommodation. Enjoy the variety of breakfast menus along with a 15-minute complimentary massage. You can relax in the gazebo by the pool during the day. Oh, and another thing, this villa is only a 5-minute walk from the beach!

Grandmas Plus Hotel


This photogenic hotel is beautified with natural elements of the tropical island for the ultimate relaxing holiday at an affordable price. Grandmas Plus Hotel hotel is known for its excellent guest service, friendly staff and comfortable amenities. This budget option also offers a pool with comfortable rooms and a happy hour running from 6 pm to 8 pm with performances from their nightly live band!

Here are the few favorite hotels you should stay in for your next trip to Seminyak! Make sure you visit Mrs Sippy for the most awesome pool party in the island also located in this funky corner of Bali.