5 Amazing Swimming Pools Around Bali

November 14, 2019

Like most tropical paradise islands, Bali has no shortage of pool clubs and parties. A splash into the cool water is what you need to beat the heat. Float on your tummy in the water or on your back on the land – do whatever you need to get your tan just right. You can always go swimming no matter where you are in Bali. But here are 5 world-class swimming pools and pool clubs that you simply must experience before you leave Bali.

Hanging Gardens of Bali

Located in the highlands and sacred jungle of the island, Hanging Gardens is truly a sight to be seen (and a pool to swim in). The resort has two infinity pools, one on top of another, overlooking a valley of mysterious rainforest. It looks absolutely gorgeous in the morning when the fog still blankets the trees. The unique pools are the subject of numerous photos. They have been acclaimed by the Condé Nas Traveller magazine as the best of the world’s best swimming pools.

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This pool lives by its name. It truly has a 180° view of the famous Uluwatu cliffside in the southern tip of Bali, which overlooks the Indian Ocean. Belonging to The Edge, a luxury villa and resort, specifically located in Pecatu, the pool features a glass-floor extension (approximately 1½ - 2 meters) that juts out over the edge of the cliff. Get yourself underwater, lie on your back, face the surface, and smile for the underwater camera! Immortalize the picture-perfect moment on your social media.


Pool clubs Bali

The Oasis

The Mulia hotel has won the award as the third-best hotel in Asia. As a 5-star hotel, its nine pools of various character are just one of their highlights. The Oasis is an infinity pool that stretches towards the shoreline – it looks like the pool is literally infinite as it appears to connect with the sea. The pool overlooks the white sandy beaches of Nusa Dua, notoriously claimed as one of the best beaches in Bali. If you are looking for a tranquil escape to an exclusive private beach holiday, visit The Mulia.

The Oasis Bali


This seaside villa and resort is blessed with a rare landscape: hills and sea. Built in the beautiful hillside of Karangasem, Amankila finds itself tucked away in a breathtaking and secluded location where the sun sets perfectly behind a winding streak of beaches. Its pool is one of a kind. Three infinity pools on top of each other, which symbolise the terraced rice fields that have fed the Balinese populace for hundreds of years. When you swim here, you can’t help but feel closer to the essence of Bali – its culture, architecture, and nature.


Mrs Sippy

A worthy mention is the partying pool club of Seminyak, the one and only Mrs Sippy. As host to the world’s biggest lagoon-style salt water pool and a 5-meter high diving board, Mrs Sippy is also industrious when it comes to hosting parties. What it lacks in beautiful landscape view. It makes up for in fun and thrilling experiences of elaborate pool parties and live music. Sippy Saturdays is dubbed the biggest party in Bali which happens every Saturday during peak times, and international DJs spin all the dance tunes you can think of. You’d get a chance to meet big names like Duke Dumount, Sneaky Sound System, Bag Raiders, Claptone, Pacha Ibiza on Tour, and many more. 

Enjoy a Miami Party vibe with scenery straight out of the Mediterranean. Don’t forget to nibble on our special beach bites. The whole pool is an open-air restaurant and you get to book sunbeds and couches to lie on and live in the moment. Book a place now at Mrs Sippy.

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